ParentChat with Regina is a weekly series of articles designed to provide parents with up-to-date, useful information about what matters in education today—from preschool through college. There is lots going on now because the federal government and your state governments are more active on the education front than they have been since the days of the minimum competency testing controversy some years ago.

But, perhaps more important than what Washington and the states are doing, are the day-to-day experiences of your children in your own local schools—what teachers are thinking about and trying out in your children’s classrooms, what administrators are reading in the education press and trying out in your children’s school, and what school board members are doing to fulfill their critical role in your public school system.

In these days of instant media coverage and of bloggers and news services publishing online every day, there are many education stories to digest. ParentChat will sort through all that material each week and find the story that could mean the most to you and your children. I have already published responses to some of those stories under Regina’s Thoughts on the Policy Studies in Education website, but my ParentChat articles will have a focus on what you as parents need to know and do.

There will be plenty of plain talk—no education jargon and no jumping on the bandwagon of the latest fad. Just observations from 40 years of experience working shoulder to shoulder with hundreds and hundreds of schools and colleges nationwide (and more than 25 years of raising three children of my own).

So, get control of what matters in education each week. What you find out could be priceless.

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